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Every web site owner regularly faces the challenge of how to increase traffic and get more leads. This is the time when the inquiry of what is SEO becomes particularly important. There exist numerous definitions for Search Engine Optimization. The majority of them describe actions necessary to improve a website’s position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). SEO includes a range of elements, such as corrections to HTML code, optimization of the web site’s content and structure, backlink profile, on-page, and off-page optimization. The goal of SEO is to make the website consistent with the algorithms of search engines and, consequently, increase the website’s position in SERP.

SEO is an Art and Science

However, SEO is not only about technical aspects. It is both the art and science of how to lead people to the content through the search engine. Effective SEO comes from a profound understanding of what a potential audience is looking for on the internet and how to provide content that meets that need. It is still necessary to understand technical settings to help search engines understand whether your content is suitable for users. Practice shows that SEO is best done with sites that are strong in all three areas: audience, content, and technology.

The principle of building search results pages, according to the request, uses a complex formula that takes into account dozens of parameters. At the same time, the exact algorithm for such ranking is not disclosed by the owners of search engines. They only declare the general principles of how to make a high-quality and useful resource for people, and how those principles can help to rise to the top. In practice, without the use of SEO-promotion technologies, it is almost impossible to bring a site to the first page of search results in highly competitive commercial niches, even if its content and technical optimization are perfect.

SEO Elements

The basic elements of effective SEO include but are not limited to Semantics, Internal Optimization, and External Optimization.

After a careful analysis of the current website’s position, it is necessary to develop the semantic core of the site. The semantic core is the keywords that describe the activities and behavior of the client.

Then, On-page optimization goes. It includes a lot of work related to the internal structure and website content. It includes:

  • Page title 
  • Meta description
  • 100% SEO-friendly content
  • SEO-friendly design and links
  •  site speed
  •  Image optimization
  • Keywords
  • URL

Off-page optimization

Off-page optimization is all the activities you perform outside your web site in conformity with SEO goals. This type of optimization is mainly concentrated around link building. However, it is not limited to it. For example, social media and blog posting are integral components of off-page optimization, as well.

Measure the effectiveness of SEO

Since SEO service is quite expensive, both the customer and SEO specialist must be able to assess the effectiveness of the actions being taken. The simplest and the most obvious way to measure the effectiveness is by using the following criteria:

  • dynamics of site positions for the same request
  • dynamics of traffic-changes from the search engine

In order to quickly analyze and correctly compose the semantic core, study such tools as Google Analytics, Serpstat, Semrush. You will be able to quickly receive information about search queries and monitor site positions.

Explore trends and novelties in the field, do not be afraid to add creativity and try something new. Be diligent and love what you do.

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