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As we all know, some of the world’s best wedding sites are in the world’s wedding capital Las Vegas. Are you looking for a romantic yet straightforward getaway wedding? It’s sometimes hard to find the right venue, florals, permits, and the perfect setting.

Most people tend to consult multiple event management companies that, in return, present you with limited sources and updates. Instead, you end up spending more on research than the wedding.

Las Vegas wedding

If you plan for an upcoming destination wedding, then this is what you need to know about las vegas wedding packages.

  • First and foremost, one needs to make sure that they are eligible to get married in Nevada. The eligibility criteria include two people being at least eighteen years old and consent from an elder guardian.
  • One must also not have any close relationship with the partner, or else you may have charges of incest. Consanguinity is a must. You have to single and have no prior existing marriages. Otherwise, charges of bigamy are always there.
  • The next essential step will be to apply for a marriage license in Clark country; this must be before sixty days of marriage. Registering beforehand will save up a lot of time for you. Make sure you use your legal names issued on government ID.
  • If you do not register before marriage, you in person need to go to the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau. The wait may take an hour or so to process your application and pick the license. All one needs to carry is their driver’s license, passport, an id card showing your birth date, and a resident alien card.
  • Post-registration and approval of the license, the only remaining job will be to get married. The couple will have one year in hand from the date they receive the marriage license. One or more witnesses are mandatory; usually, most wedding chapels supply a witness.
  • One may write down their vows and file the paperwork post ten days of the marriage.
  • Another important aspect must be the Certificate of Permission by the Officiant to perform marriages from the state of Nevada. However, if you choose a chapel or a mainstream church, they usually have authorized officiants. If your Officiant is out of state then, they will need prior authorization, or you may get into trouble.
  • Keep a certified copy of the marriage certificate post marriage. The certificate should be available ten days after your wedding and will cost you about fifteen dollars. These certificates are necessary for various reasons like tax filings, changing your name, etc.

Hence, there is a lot that comes with Las Vegas Weddings packages, and one needs to make sure that they have all the details before the function is carried out, or one may get into multiple problems. For other information and queries, you can always look up multiple sites and offers that Las Vegas shows to couples interested in marriages in the state of Nevada.

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